1500, 2500 Silverado, Sierra, Pickup Chevy, GMC Body Lifts

From the earliest to latest models of the one-half and three-quarter ton Chevy and GMC pickups, Silverado and Sierra, body lifts can provide an additional amount of lift for larger tires. Ride quality is not affected by these GMC/Chevy truck suspension kits and there's no need for longer shocks. The primary difference between a a body lift and a suspension lift is visibility of the frame. This cosmetic difference can be offset with the addition of GAP GUARDS inserted in the wheel wells.

    Rough Country body lift kits are designed to keep the body properly aligned with the frame. This design provides lift while retaining the noise and vibration canceling characteristics of the factory mounts. If you're looking for just that little bit of extra lift for larger tires on your ride, Rough Country has the answer.
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    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2007-13 Silverado, Sierra 1500 1.25" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    RC701 HK More Info
    2007-13 Silverado, Sierra 1500 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    RC702 HK More Info

    Performance Accessories is the nation's leading body lift kit manufacturer. Their body lift kits include the highest quality, laser cut, CNC machined steel components, steering extensions, shift adapters, body lift blocks, bushings and body mounts. Also available are urethane gap guards to fill the gap between the frame and the lifted body to give the consumer that completed OEM look.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2014-15 Silverado 1500 2" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    10292 PA More Info
    2014-15 Silverado 1500 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    10293 PA More Info

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