F100, F150, F250, F350 Ford Body Lifts

The Ford F150, F250 and F350 trucks have been proving their worth for many years. A body lift will allow a larger set of tires to gain additional height for a bolder look. Later model trucks have more complex suspension requiring a more complex body lift to work properly. Ride quality remains the same and longer shocks are not needed. Frame visibility is concealed with the addition of GAP GUARDS that are inserted within the wheel wells.

    Performance Accessories is the nation's leading body lift kit manufacturer. Their body lift kits include the highest quality, laser cut, CNC machined steel components, steering extensions, shift adapters, body lift blocks, bushings and body mounts. Also available are urethane gap guards to fill the gap between the frame and the lifted body to give the consumer that completed OEM look.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1999-02 F250, F350 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    893 PA More Info
    2004-05 F150 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    70063 PA More Info
    2006-08 F150 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    70083 PA More Info
    2009-14 F150 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    70093 PA More Info
    2011-14 F150 with OEM hitch bumper, Eco Boost motor only 3" body lift
    2WD, 4WD
    70103 PA More Info

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