Tacoma Toyota Leveling Kits

A leveling kit is designed to raise the front of your Toyota Tacoma. There are various options for the type and amount of front lift, depending on your specific requirements. Since nearly all vehicles come from the factory with a slight rake, a leveling kit is what you'll need to not only raise the front but also allow the installation of larger tires. If you've added a heavier bumper or a winch to the front, this is another reason to install a leveling kit. You'll find a wide assortment of leveling kits for Toyota Tacomas here provided by manufacturers that are known to be leaders in the industry.

    Zone Offroad offers leveling kits for your Toyota designed for excellent ride quality and offroad performance. Zone Offroad products are manufactured in the USA and are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2005-16 6-Lug Tacoma 2.5" Leveling Kit
    2WD, 4WD
    ZONT1251 More Info

    The Rough Country leveling kit for your Toyota features strut spacers. Rough Country leveling kits come with a 90-day money back guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2005-17 Tacoma 6-Lug 2" Leveling Kit
    744 HK More Info

    RCD (Race Car Dynamics) has a reputation for very high-quality products.The RCD leveling kit for your Toyota features adjustable Bilstein struts that will outperform any strut spacer leveling kit. Install an RCD leveling kit on your Toyota and see the difference. Backed by RCD Limited Lifetime Warranty. FREE SHIPPING to Lower 48 states
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2005-13 Tacoma 6-Lug 0"-2.5" Single Leveling Strut
    2WD, 4WD
    F4-BE5-C477-T1 RC More Info
    1995-04 Tacoma 6-Lug 0"-2.5" Single Front Strut
    2WD, 4WD
    F4-BE5-D558-T0 RC More Info

    Level your Toyota with a spacer leveling kit by Tuff Country. Backed by the Tuff Country Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1995-04 Tacoma, Prerunner 6-lug 2" Leveling Kit
    2WD, 4WD
    52901 TC More Info

    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1995-04 Tacoma 2WD 5 lug 1.5" Leveling Kit
    KT09113 DA More Info

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