2015 2&4WD Chevy, GMC Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban1500 with Autoride 6" lift kit

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Important Notes

Will not fit all wheel drive models. Cannot use OEM wheel and tire. Not all models will sit level.

Quick Overview

Fabtech offers a 6" basic lift kit for your Chevy or GMC Tahoe, Yukon or Suburban 1500 with Autoride. This lift was designed to use replacement steering knuckles that allow the track width to remain near stock while retaining turning radius to get out of those tight spots. Included is the Fabtech proven one-piece high arched lower crossmember design that comes with an integrated differential skid plate for solid support of the front suspension. Front strut assembly spacers are also included. Factory rear shocks are utilized.

Rear coil springs designed specifically for Autoride models maintain proper ride height. Also featured are extended length tubular upper and lower link arms and an oversized trac bar relocation bracket. This eliminates any driveline vibrations by properly placing the axle under the vehicle.

35/1250R17 tires w/ 17x8 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming
325/65R18 tires w/ 18x9 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming
35/1250R20 tires w/ 20x9 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming

This Fabtech lift kit is covered by their FIVE SIXTY Powertrain Warranty. See Details

Fabtech K1078 Chevy, GMC Tahoe, Yukon Suburban 1500 6" lift kit

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    • Make: Chevrolet, GMC
    • Model: Tahoe, Yukon
    • Vehicle: 2015 Tahoe, Yukon 1500 with Autoride 6" lift kit
    • 2or4: 2WD

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