Superlift K328 S10 ZR2, S15 Highrider lift kit

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1995-04 4WD Chevy S10 ZR2, GMC S15 Highrider Standard 6" lift kit, Superide shocks

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Important Notes

** Will not fit ZR5 models
** With single exhaust, a new, reformed section of exhaust crossover pipe is required to clear front driveshaft.
** Special puller tool is recommended to load / unload torsion bars.

Quick Overview

The Superlift standard 6” lift kit for the Chevy S10 ZR2 and GMC S15 Highrider pickup is designed for performance and strength. New, relocated upper control arms and lowered factory control arms accomplish the front lift. The driver and passenger side lower control arm brackets will improve rigidity by connecting with the tubular crossmembers. Repositioning the front differential provides proper driveshaft and CV axle angles.

The tie rods are kept in phase with the lower control arms with a replacement “dropped” centerlink. Fore and aft movement of the centerlink is kept in check with dual stabilizing links. This prevents excessive stress loads being transmitted to the factory pitman arm and idler arm. The torsion bar crossmember is lowered to align it with the lower control arms.

The factory springs are relocated from below the axle to the top of the axle. With the addition of a pair of rear add-a-leafs this accomplishes rear lift. Four Superide shocks are also included.

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Required and/or Related Items

    • Make: Chevrolet, GMC
    • Model: S10, S15
    • Vehicle: 1995-04 S10 ZR2, S15 Highrider Standard 6" lift kit, Superide shocks
    • 2or4: 4WD
    • Tire Size: 33x12.50" tire on 15-17x8 with 3.75" BS
    • Upsell: 92050 SL

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