1973-91 1 Ton Pickup Straight Axle 4WD Chevy, GMC Suspension

It takes a lot of steel to lift these 1973-91 hard working 1 Ton Chevy or GMC trucks. Replacing the worn out stock leaf springs will definitely improve the ride quality.

    Chevy and GMC straight axle pickups and SUV's will get a noticeably improved ride with a Skyjacker lift kit featuring Softride leaf springs. Skyjacker uses only American steel and the individual tapered leaves are shot-peened to increase the tensile strength. If you're looking for the best ride quality available, Skyjacker is the choice for your Chevy or GMC. Covered by Skyjacker's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1977-91 1 Ton Pickup 2.5" lift kit
    C125CK SK More Info
    1977-91 1 Ton Pickup 4" lift kit
    C140CK SK More Info
    1977-91 1 Ton Pickup 6" lift kit
    C160CK SK More Info
    1977-91 1 Ton Pickup 8" lift kit
    C180CK SK More Info

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