Superlift K270 Chevy, GMC pickup, Blazer, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon lift kit

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IFS 4WD Chevy, GMC Pickup, Blazer, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, 3-bolt idler, 4"-6" lift kit, Superide shocks

Product No: K270 SL

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Important Notes

** 1997 and newer models with Autotrac require dual cardan driveshaft. Non-Autotrac models may also need driveshaft if regularly driven in 4WD over 35 MPH.
** With single exhaust, a new, reformed section of exhaust crossover pipe is required to clear front driveshaft.
** Special puller tool is recommended to load / unload torsion bars.
** Fits1999 Old Body Style

Quick Overview

The Superlift 4" & 6" lift kit for the Chevy, GMC pickup, Blazer and Suburban is still known as the GM systems to have. Lowering the factory upper and lower control arms in relation to the frame brings ride height up. By keeping the factory control arms and torsion bars, you retain stock alignment geometry and ride quality. Front track width is not increased.

Full-width differential control arm crossmembers provide lateral rigidity. Crossmember kicker braces add strength. No trimming of front differential housing. Dropped centerlink restores proper steering linkage geometry. Centerlink stabilizing links make steering more responsive and extends life of pitman / idler arm. Steel skid plate protects front differential.

  • Retains factory ride quality, steering geometry, and CV axle angles
  • Full width tubular crossmembers
  • Load bearing bracketry is made of .25" thick plate steel or DOM tubing
  • Front differential housing does not require trimming
  • Kicker braces
  • Front skid plate
  • Centerlink stabilizing system makes steering more responsive and extends pitman/idler arm life
  • 4" rear block kit
  • 4 Superide Shocks
  • Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

4" allows 34x12.50
6" allows 35x12.50

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Required and/or Related Items

    • Make: Chevrolet, GMC
    • Model: Suburban
    • Vehicle: 1993-99 Suburban 1500, 3-bolt idler, 4"-6" lift kit, Superide shocks
    • 2or4: 4WD
    • Upsell: 92410 SL, 3287 SL


Superlift lift kit fits the following models:
1993 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1994 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1995 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1996 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1997 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1998 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1999 Chevy, GMC Pickup 1500, 2500
1993 Blazer 1500
1994 Blazer 1500
1993 Suburban 1500
1994 Suburban 1500
1995 Suburban 1500
1996 Suburban 1500
1997 Suburban 1500
1998 Suburban 1500
1999 Suburban 1500
1995 Tahoe, Yukon 1500
1996 Tahoe, Yukon 1500
1997 Tahoe, Yukon 1500
1998 Tahoe, Yukon 1500
1999 Tahoe, Yukon 1500

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