Excursion 4WD Ford Suspension

Suspension lift kits for your Ford F250 are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. If you're looking to gain more ground clearance and run larger tires and wheels, a suspension lift kit is the answer. Nearly all Ford suspension lift kits are bolt-on for easy installation. The leading manufacturers in the industry are represented here with their various size selections to provide just the look you want.

    Fabtech offers a 10-leaf spring pack with military wrap eyes for outstanding ride quality for your Excursion. Upgrade to the Fabtech 4-Link conversion for an even more extraordinary driving experience. The Fabtech reputation for excellence above and beyond the ordinary is well deserved. Treat your Excursion to a Fabtech lift kit. Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Fabtech products. FREE SHIPPING on select items to Lower 48 states
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    2000-05 Excursion 6" Dirt Logic 4.0 Coilover Conversion system, rear springs, Dirt Logic shocks
    K2044DL FT More Info

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