1966-79 F250 4WD Ford Suspension

Suspension lift kits for your Ford F250 High Boy or Low Boy are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. If you're looking to gain more ground clearance and run larger tires and wheels, a suspension lift kit is the answer. Nearly all Ford suspension lift kits are bolt-on for easy installation. The leading manufacturers in the industry are represented here with their various size selections to provide just the look you want.

    Rough Country suspension lift kits for your Ford feature leaf springs with "luxury ride" technology using a double tapered leaf with Teflon pads. Rough Country lift kits come with a 90-day money back guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty. For the best quality at the most affordable price, choose a Rough Country lift kit for your Ford.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1977.5-79 F250 Low Boy 4" lift kit, Nitro shocks
    415.20 HK More Info
    1977.5-79 F250 Low Boy 4" lift system, rear springs, Nitro shocks
    505.20 HK More Info

    Your Ford truck will get a noticeably improved ride with a Skyjacker lift kit featuring Softride leaf springs. Skyjacker uses only American steel and the individual tapered leaves are shot-peened to increase the tensile strength. If you're looking for the best ride quality available, Skyjacker is the choice for your Ford. Covered by Skyjacker's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1967-77 F250 High Boy 2" lift kit
    F720K SK More Info
    1967-77 F250 High Boy 4" lift kit
    F740K SK More Info
    1977.5-79 F250 Low Boy 4" lift kit
    F749K SK More Info
    1977.5-79 F250 Low Boy 6" lift kit
    F760K SK More Info

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