2011-14 Gas F350 4WD Ford Suspension

Suspension lift kits for your Ford F350 Super Duty with gas engine are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. If you're looking to gain more ground clearance and run larger tires and wheels, a suspension lift kit is the answer. Nearly all Ford Super Duty suspension lift kits are bolt-on for easy installation. The leading manufacturers in the industry are represented here with their various size selections to provide just the look you want.

    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    2011-14 F350 Stage3TP with towing package 2.5" lift kit
    69-2511TP RL More Info
    2011-14 F350 Stage4 3.5." lift kit
    69-2531 RL More Info
    2011-13 F350 5" Offroad Series 1 lift kit
    49-2000 RL More Info
    2011-13 F350 5" Offroad Series2 lift kit
    49-2001 RL More Info
    2011-13 F350 5" Offroad Series3 lift kit, SST9000 shocks
    49-2002 RL More Info
    2011-14 Super Duty Radius Arms only
    44-2002 RL More Info

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