1997-06 Wrangler TJ, Unlimited Jeep Lift Kits Skyjacker

Skyjacker provides a wide variety of lift kit options your Jeep Wrangler TJ. From the basic lift kit with front and rear Softride coil springs and standard lower links, you can progress up to the Value Flex lift kit with flex links or onward to the Long Arm link lift kit. Each progression provides higher performance. Your choice of the right lift kit for your Wrangler will depend on your driving needs (or your budget). All Skyjacker lift kits are designed for offroad performance. More aggressive drivers should consider these upgrades for a better offroad experience.

    Vehicle Drive Price Item #    
    1997-06 Wrangler TJ, Rubicon 6" Rock Ready II 6" lift kit
    TJ60RR2K SK More Info
    1997-06 Wrangler TJ, Rubicon 8" Rock Ready II 8" lift kit
    TJ80RR2K SK More Info

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