Handle Keeper Black

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Use the Hi-Lift Jack handle keeper to eliminate Jack "Rattling" during transportation and storage. The rugged polyurethane Handle-Keeper fits all models of Hi-Lift brand jacke and holds the Hi-Lift® handle to the upright steel bar, keeping it in place when not in use and eliminating "rattling" during transportation and storage. The Handle-Keeper easily slips on and off over the Hi-Lift® Top Clamp-Clevis to allow for proper use of the Hi-Lift® Jack. The unique design eliminates the need to remove the Top Clamp-Clevis for putting on or taking off the Handle-Keeper. NOTICE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE HANDLE-KEEPER TO BE REMOVED DURING JACK USE TO ALLOW THE HANDLE TO BE PLACED IN THE FULL UPRIGHT POSITION AS STATED IN THE HI-LIFT SAFETY INSTRUCTION MANUAL.


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