2005-12 6-Lug Toyota Tacoma, Prerunner 3" front, 2" rear lift

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Will not fit 5-lug models.

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This ReadyLift 3" lift kit for the Toyota Tacoma or Prerunner includes a powder coated steel strut extension, front differential drop bracket, skid plate spacers and a 2" rear block kit. The SST strut extension and diff drop bracket have been designed to provide between 2.75"-3.0" of front suspension lift while retaining the OEM safe suspension geometry. The ReadyLift suspension system requires no cutting or strut spring pre-loading and installs quickly and safely using the provided heavy-duty hardware.

The ReadyLift objective is to have your truck sit level or slightly below level. Each truck is different so the amount of lift achieved may vary between 2.75" and 3.0" in the front. TRD-equipped trucks often have less rake compared to a non-TRD truck. Measurements on some customer’s trucks have revealed as much as 1.0” difference in the factory front end height. Some earlier model Tacoma trucks came factory with a 2 leaf plus overload rear spring pack that had sagging issues. Toyota is replacing these packs with a 3+1 rear leaf pack. Trucks with 2+1 packs will want to take advantage of this new lift system that includes a 2.0" rear lift block for a complete lift all the way around and a stance which will give approximately a .5" rear to front rake

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ReadyLift 69-5056 Toyota Tacoma, Prerunner lift kit

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