1974.5-93 4WD Dodge Pickup 1/2T, 3/4T, 4" lift kit

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Important Notes

An adjustable drag link is recommended to replace the factory non-adjustable link.

Quick Overview

The 4" Dodge pickup lift kit by Skyjacker includes Softride front leaf springs with a rear block kit. The Softride leaf springs manufactured by Skyjacker use tapered leaves to yield a lower spring rate and better travel, Teflon wear pads to help reduce interleaf friction, a "bolt" style clip to reduce leaf friction and shotpeening to compress the steel and increase its tensile strength.

Skyjacker recommends a pitman arm for 1978-93 models and a steering arm for 1974.5-77 models. If vehicle is equipped with a front sway bar, sway bar lowering kit is required. Longer shocks are required.

Skyjacker D400BK Dodge pickup lift kit

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