4WD Pickup Dodge Steering Stabilizers

    Using the same construction as Fabtech's Performance shocks, these Performance steering stabilizers will reduce front end shimmy from oversized tires and wheels. Easy fit, heavy duty bracketry allows for a quick installation.For the ultimate in performance, upgrade to Fabtech's Dirt Logic series. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    Vehicle Type Year Price Item #    
    Ram 2500, 3500 4WD, Dirt Logic
    Single 2003-13
    FTS850022 FT More Info
    Ram 3500 4WD
    Dual 2013-17
    FTS23060 FT More Info
    Ram 3500 4WD Stealth Monotube
    Dual 2013-17
    FTS8047 FT More Info
    Ram 3500 4WD, Dirt Logic
    Dual 2013-17
    FTS23164 FT More Info
    Ram 3500 4WD
    OEM 2013-17
    FTS7001 FT More Info

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