Ford Spindles 2WD (Lift)

The 2WD Ford models can utilize front lifted spindles to get rid of the factory rake. This front lift along with a set of larger tires and wheels will make a huge difference in the appearance of your ride. The installation of a spindle lift typically does not affect the factory ride quality. Lifted spindles are an excellent way to lift the front of your 2WD Ford.

    Fabtech lift spindles are a direct factory replacement. Constructed from ductile iron, these are OEM or stronger and easy to install by bolting on. To achieve the ride height you're looking for while maintaining the factory ride characteristic, install a set of Fabtech spindles on our vehicle. FREE SHIPPING on select items to Lower 48 states
    Vehicle Price Item #    
    2001-08 2WD Ranger (coil springs) 3" spindles
    FTS98200-73 FT More Info
    2001-08 2WD Ranger (torsion bar) 3" spindles
    FTS98300-73 FT More Info

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