Superlift 1024 Superunner Steering Linkage

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Superunner Steering Linkage

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Quick Overview

The Superunner Steering Linkage by Superlift is an award-winning steering system for your Ford. It features a centerlink, an idler arm and mounting bracket and two tie rod assemblies. This will fit most name brand lift kits with a minimum of 3.5" and a maximum of 6" of lift. Not all aftermarket power steering pitman arms will fit. A Superlift brand specific power steering pitman arm may be required.

The twin traction beam Fords tend to wander when the vehicle is raised. Constant steering correction is required when driving on less than ideal surfaces. The Superunner Steering Linkage is designed to improve the phasing that occurs from excessive toe-in/tow-out variations as the suspension travels resulting in bump-steer.

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