1973-87 Blazer, Jimmy 3/4T 4WD Chevy, GMC Suspension

Get ready for a much smoother ride after installing new leaf springs on your 1973-87 Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy. These straight axle SUV's are very simple to lift requiring only a few steering corrections depending on the amount of lift chosen. If you're still driving around with the original springs, you're in for a real treat with the replacement springs that are found in these lift kit options. Once installed, you'll be glad you made the change!

    Zone Offroad leaf springs for your straight axle Chevy or GMC were developed after many hours of testing to produce a 5-leaf pack with anti-friction pads and center leaf spacer plates. This Zone Offroad design significantly decreased leaf pack internal friction for a smooth and consistent spring rate. Zone Offroad offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for their products.
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