Steering Stabilizers

Steering stabilizers are essentially a shock absorber for your steering system. Steering stabilizer shocks are highly recommended for all vehicles with over-sized tires, a winch or snow plow to increase control and handling. Steering stabilizers dampen out wheel shimmy and help prevent the steering wheel from being jerked out of your hands in rough terrain or when a road hazard is struck by the front wheels. A steering stabilizer kit is a proven safety device in the event of a blow out.

Steering stabilizers are engineered to restrain "bump steer" and front-end vibration, giving added life to tires, ball joints, and other steering shock components. A lot of vehicles come from the factory with a single steering stabilizer. Aftermarket steering stabilizer kits and shocks are far superior in performance being specifically designed to handle off-road conditions with lifted vehicles. Dual steering wheel stabilizers are recommended for most lifted vehicles running 35" or larger tires.

Factory replacement stabilizer cylinders, single stabilizers, and dual steering stabilizers are available for a large selection of vehicles.

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