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Coil Sumosprings Helper Springs

For improved coil spring performance and load carrying ability - whether front or rear coils - SuperSprings has designed Coil SumoSprings to beef up your factory coil springs. If you've added more weight to the front or rear of your vehicle, count on feeling a difference without encountering a negative impact on your ride quality. Coil SumoSprings use closed cell technology and are constructed from closed cell microcellular urethane. With this technology you will experience a comfortable ride and smooth engagement due to the progressive spring rate.

Installation can be accomplished in about 30 minutes by simply sliding the SumoSprings between the turns of your coil springs. No modifications or adjustments to any OEM equipment is required leaving your Warranty intact. These SumoSprings will also reduce front end dip that can be caused by sudden braking or sharp cornering. Side-to-side body roll is also reduced.

Each SumoSpring kit is designed to fit your specific application using various properties for a perfect fit. Construction properties include specific shapes, size and density of the microcellular urethane to suit different load bearing and sway control. SuperSprings has provided a measurement sheet to guarantee Coil SumoSpring fitment. This is due to variations of the factory coil springs in the same year models. This regrettable inconvenience is the only way to provide the correct part the first time.

Coil SumoSprings installation video

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  2. Dodge
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