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SuperSprings Helper Springs


SuperSprings are designed to enhance load carrying capacity, handling, towing and will reduce axle wrap or wheel hop.

How they work: As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load the factory springs react as they are designed to. The center of the springs move vertically causing the overall leaves to flex and “flatten” out. This movement in the factory spring activates the SuperSpring through the rollers at the end of each leaf. Because the SuperSpring rollers are under tension, a movement in the factory spring causes them to move, seeking their new point of least resistance. This simple roller principal allows the SuperSprings to activate and deactivate automatically, free of any manual adjustment. 

SuperSprings installation video
  • No adjustments required for varying load amounts
  • Keeps your vehicle level when under heavy load.
  • SuperSprings’ patented “Pivoting and Rolling Shackle” at the end of each leaf causes the SuperSprings to only kick in when needed. This produces a consistently smooth ride and alleviates any rigidity.
  • SuperSprings are maintenance free while air bags have a history of bags leaking, rupturing and lines being pinched.
  • At least 4" clearance above each end of the existing leaf spring is needed to avoid ”bumping.”
  • With no power tools, installation usually takes less than 60 minutes. With power tools, 30 minutes.
  • Can be used in conjunction with airbags if the airbags are axle mounted, inboard of the vehicle’s leaf springs.
  • With proper installation, the effect on your ride should be minimal.
  • Your vehicle might be lifted marginally, depending on the condition of your spring pack.
  • Supersprings work well with self-leveling shocks.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING to Continental U.S.

NOTE:  Do not load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating.

  1. Chevrolet
  2. Dodge
  3. Ford
  4. GMC
  5. Nissan
  6. Toyota

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