BullDog Winch 20049 Pulley, Snatch Block

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19000 lb  Pulley Blocks/Snatch Blocks

Product No: 20049 BDW

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Quick Overview

Increase your winch pulling power with BullDog Winch pulley / snatch blocks. Changes direction of your pull without damaging the wire rope. A must for any winching job!

  • Breaking capacity - 19k
  • Working load limit - 8k
  • Max wire rope diameter - 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Wheel diameter - 4"
  • Grease port - Yes

Breaking Capacity:
or Maximum Load is generally considered to be the breaking load of a component. Breaking Capacity is an average figure at which samples have been found to break under laboratory conditions. These conditions are rarely duplicated in actual use. Breaking Capacity or Maximum Load should not be used as a criteria for service, design or rating purposes. Use Working Load Limit (WLL).
Working Load Limit (WLL):
the maximum mass or force which a product is authorized to support in general service when pull is applied in-line with respect to the centerline of the product. Avoid side loading.
    • Vehicle: 19000 lb  Pulley Blocks/Snatch Blocks

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