Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension Lift Kits – Choosing the right lift kit for your truck, Jeep or SUV can be based on several different factors. If you’re planning to run a certain size tire and wheel combination, it’s important to determine the amount of suspension lift that will be needed to ensure a good fit. If your vehicle is used for towing, there might be height restrictions to consider. Sometimes, just the clearance in your garage will determine how high you can raise your vehicle. And, then there’s the budget to consider. Whether you just want to look good driving down the streets and highways or you plan on some off-road adventure, a 2WD or 4WD lift kit will accomplish both goals.

Since 1994, Rocky Mountain Suspension Products has been offering suspension lifts made by the leaders in the industry. From the simple straight axle suspension to today’s more complex IFS suspension, the auto makers continue to challenge the aftermarket suspension companies to come up with what you’re looking for. And, they continue to meet this challenge.

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