Fabtech K1014 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra 2500HD, 3500HD lift kit

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2001-10 2&4WD Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra 2500HD, 3500HD 6" Performance kit, Performance shocks

Product No: K1014 FT

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Important Notes

Steering stabilizer recommended. Dual stabilizer FTS8010 cannot be used with FTS71002 tie rod kit.

Quick Overview

The Fabtech 6" performance lift kit for your heavy duty Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra 2500HD, 3500HD will give you the look you want for a daily driver and the performance you need for offroad conditions. The lift is accomplished using The Fabtech proven one-piece lower control crossmembers along with extended length steering knuckles and Performance shock absorbers.

The newly designed knuckles reduce track width to keep the tires under the fenders. The 1/4" thick arched lower control arms crossmembers include an integrated front differential skid plate, crossmember support tubes and rear impact struts to distribute front suspension impact loads through the frame evenly.

Also included are torsion bar drop mounts, extended length sway bar links with urethane bushings, front and rear bump stop brackets and a rear block and u-bolt kit.

This Fabtech lift kit is covered by their FIVE SIXTY Powertrain Warranty. See Details

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Required and/or Related Items

    • Make: Chevrolet, GMC
    • Model: 2500
    • Vehicle: 2001-10 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500HD 6" Performance kit, Performance shocks
    • 2or4: 4WD
    • Tire Size: (315/75R16, 16x8, 4-5/8" BS); (315/70R/17, 17x8, 4-5/8" BS); (35x12.50, 20x8.5, 4-3/4" BS)
    • Upsell: FTS8004 FT, FTS8010 FT, FTS71002 FT


Fabtech lift kit fits the following models:
2001 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2002 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2003 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2004 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2005 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2006 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2007 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2008 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2009 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500
2010 Silverado, Sierra 2500HD, 3500

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