Skyjacker Monotube shocks

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4 Skyjacker Monotube Shocks

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Skyjacker M95 Series Monotube Shocks - The primary complaint for Monotubes is leaking. This can be seen in on-line forums for Jeep and other off-road vehicles. This is a Re-designed Seal and Bearing system for M95 Series. Lack of protection for the guide surface allows dirt and other contaminants to wear the rod and guide surfaces. Due to the higher gas charge, these types of shocks will leak quickly with minor damage to the seal. M95 Series Monotube sealing system was designed for improved robustness by keeping the dirt from getting to the bearing surface and high pressure seal.

Additional benefits of the re-design --- During the design phase of the seal and bearing system, optimization of the bearing surface was made by packaging it under the seal – in the oil bath. A low friction bearing surface submerged in oil is optimal for repeatable performance. The damper will have significantly less friction when the damper is side-loaded due to bushing wind up experienced with considerable wheel travel and articulation. This reduces wear, and helps the vehicle perform more consistently over time.

Features include: Larger Bore (46mm); Better Performance On/Offroad; Higher Temperature Operating Range; Faster responding than typical twin tube; •Can handle more severe duty (temperature, load)

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