2019-22 2&4WD Silverado, Sierra 1500 Air Spring Kit, 0"-6" lift with Air Bag Compressor

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Important Notes

* Minor drilling required.
* Does NOT increase towing capacity.
* Designed for stock models.
* If a lift kit is subsequently installed, 4" and 6" spacers may be purchased separately to upgrade this kit to accommodate the new lift.



Quick Overview

If you’re using your stock Silverado or Sierra 1500 for hauling and/or towing, this Rough Country rear air spring kit is just what you need to keep your truck level. This innovative upgrade provides up to 5,000 lbs of load support to reduce sway and bottoming out when either braking or steering. Without additional support, your truck will not sit level with additional weight in the bed or additional pressure from a trailer.

This innovative upgrade solves these problems giving you peace of mind when towing or hauling heavy loads. Included are two Rough Country branded high-quality double convoluted airbags that come equipped with DOT-approved airlines. Also included are ¼” push connector fittings along with all necessary bracketry to make installation lightning fast and secure.

  • Easy to install.

  • Durable powder coated steel brackets.

  • Push to connect air fittings.

  • Internal Bump stop in Air Bag.

  • Double convoluted Air Bag.

  • Levels truck when towing for safer load carrying.

  • Includes DOT approved air line.

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The Rough Country Air Bag Compressor Kit is just what you need for instances when a little more air pressure is required. With just a touch of a button, you can level your vehicle to provide the load support needed. This is an outstanding and convenient way to solve a leveling problem.

This heavy-duty compressor is moisture and dust resistant and includes a high-pressure leader hose. It has a recommended maximum working pressure of 120 PSI and includes a gauge with all the necessary air line and wiring that ties directly into your existing Rough Country Air Spring kit. The low-pressure sensor keeps you alerted to the correct rate of inflation.

The kit is easy to install including all the hardware, wiring and air line that ties into your existing setup. It’s designed to easily mount to your vehicle’s frame.

  • Compressor Dimensions: Length: 7" x Width: 2.75 x Height: 5"

  • Moisture and dust resistant unit.

  • Includes DOT approved air lines.

  • Duty cycle 9% @ 100 PSI, Recommended max working pressure 120 PSI.

  • Includes gauge and all necessary wiring and air line to tie into existing airbag kit.

  • Kit includes a low-pressure sensor to maintain proper bag inflation.

  • Rough Country 12volt 1.03 CFM Compressor.

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    • Make: Chevrolet, GMC
    • Model: 1500
    • Vehicle: 2019-22 Silverado, Sierra 1500 2&4WD, 0"-6" lift with Air Bag Compressor
    • Initialize: 1

This Rough Country Air Spring Kit fits the following models:
2019 Silverado 1500
2020 Silverado 1500
2021 Silverado 1500
2022 Silverado 1500

2019 Sierra 1500
2020 Sierra 1500
2021 Sierra 1500
2022 Sierra 1500

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